1. You should shave the desired area before using your LEXIS Handset because the light needs to reach your hair follicle in order to show results.

Note: Shave only when required inbetween treatments.Never wax, pluck or epilate as it will remove the entire root from the skin which is required to absorb light.

2. Please plug in the handset to
use it.

behind the device when you plug it in and activates the IPL after you press it.

3. You may see a bar with light above the large middle button on the front.It shows the level of intensity.You can use the same green button behind to change the intensity accordingly.

A pink light will flash indicating it's ready to use.

We personally recommend you to start with level 3 intensity and slowly increase it to level 4.The more the intensity,the faster the results.

4. Now press the handset down on the desired area & then press the large button in the middle to flash lights.You can use the IPL handset anywhere on your body including intimate areas.There are two ways to use it

1) Normal mode- You will have to press the middle button every time to flash the light on the desired area.

2) Glide mode - This is usually used while treating large areas.Fg.legs.

           You are suppose to hold the middle button for sometime,then glide the IPL around the desired area.It will start flashing automatically.

Repeat this till you finish treating
the area.

5.You are supposed to use your handset once a week .You will start seeing progressive results at week 3 or 4 itself. By week 12, you will be completely hairless.

Note: Some people need more than 12 weeks to see results ,So do accordingly till you are satisfied with your results.

6. Hair removal wont be permanent if you dont do touch ups every 3-4 months.

As you do touch ups regularly, the time between touch ups will also increase.As in after maybe 2 years, you might have to do only once in 6 months. This will show
results as similar to clinical laser for just 15% of the price.


• Does the LEXIS hurt?

Most of the IPL users dont but some of them may feel a slight pain similar
to that of a rubber band being flicked on their skin.

• What is IPL?

IPL(Intensed Pulse Light) has gained popularity because of its various benefits.

This revolutionary technology aims to remove unwanted hairs permanently, reduces wrinkles and makes the skin flawless by treating blemishes.

Proper usage increases collagen
production which makes your skin
glow from inside-out. Due to IPL's
various benefits.It is a must buy for
anyone wanting hairless smooth skin.

• Is IPL safe?

Numerous studies have been conducted worldwide that demonstrate the safety and results of ipl for hair removal.This has inturn increased the popularity of IPL.

But despite that caution is advised as IPL is not suitable for eveybody. Some darker skin types due to high amount of melanin in the skin may not be able to Use IPL,neither if you recently got a tan. In case you are under any skin treatment.Its mandatory to consult your doctor first before using IPL.

• Do I need to wear eye protectian?

No. LEXIS doesn't require you to wear any eye protection because our device only works when the entire end window is pressed against your skin.Despite that you should never try to directily look into the flash light.

• Is IPL suitable for all skintone?

Except for very dark skin. IPL will
always work for you. From the
skinchart  below check whether ipl will work for you or no. Lexis wll show results till medium brown skintone.

• What areas can I use LEXIS on?

LEXIS can be used on any part of the body which includes intimate
areas and face.

• Do I need to shave before treatment?

Yes, shaving is mandatory
before using LEXIS because
the light is required to reach
the hair folicle in order to show results.

• Can I remove hair inbetween treatments?

Shave only when required
inbetween treatments. Never
wax, pluck or epilate as it will remove the entire root from the skin which is required to absorb light.

• How long does it take to see results?

Most people get vIsible resuts after just 3-4 treatments to complete loss of hairs after 12 treatments.Though these number of treatments can vary from person to person, you are required to be consistent. Make sure you are doing treatments properly each week. Incase you reach
week 12 and feel unsatisfied with the  result then you are required to use lexis further as some people  may need more treatments.

• Can men use LEXIS?

Yes, LEXIS is a unisex product. Its effective on every part of body for
men as well.

• Does the LEXIS come with a warranty?

LEXIS comes with a solid 12 months warranty. For any further queries just dm us. We will try
Our best to help you!

P.S. The technology our IPL uses is
FDA approved

• Why am i not getting results on some part of my body?

If you are not seeing results in certain areas of your body then there are two possible reasons behind it.

1.You are not removing the dead skin by exfoliating.

2. Few hairs of some body parts
can take more than 4 weeks because the hair currently is in the falling out phase.



•Please increase the intensity/level of the LEXIS IPL handset using our intensity button if you dont feel anything while using it. Using at a low intensity where you dont feel anything may give unwanted or no results at all!

•If you recently got a sun tan,we highly recommend you to continue the treatment after the tan has completely gone and if you do actually wish to continue then please do so only at intensity level 1 or 2.

•We advice you to give device a break if you have been using it continuously for over 30 min. 

•You should not IPL over very dark freckles and moles.However,light freckles are fine. You should not use IPL over tattoos.However,going around tattoos is fine. You should not use IPL anywhere close to your eyes.

•If you are pregnant, breastfeeding, have epilepsy, under any skin treatment or any other medication like heavy a spirin, painkillers, immunosuppressives and isotretinoin, then please consult a doctor before use.

•As a beginner, we request you to not jump at higher intensity level 4 or 5 even if you have high pain tolerance as it can hurt your skin.

•It is advised to increase or decrease the intensity level according to your pain level. Incase of any burning sensation, please apply aloe vera gel over the concerned area.


1.Always remember to moisturize your skin after treatment.

2. Use sunscreen on the area before going out in the sun 48 hours before and after the treatment.

On a scale of 1 to 1 0 the pain level should be 2-3, if the pain is higher than 3 then please reduce the intensity.


  • For faster and better results exfoliating  before using LEXIS is recommended. Ingrown hairs and dead skin will be removed by using a high quality scrub which will help light to reach hair folicles.
  • Having hard time with catching up weekly treatments? That is probably the reason of your zero results. We advise doing treatment one week apart with 3 passes in an overlapping motion. Following this will bring best results.
  • Shaving is important before using LEXIS, But do inbetween treatments only when required. Avoid waxing, plucking, or epilate your hair. These methods remove your entire hair root which is required to absorb, light. Thus, lowering your results.

Incase you have already waxed or plucked ,we recommend you to wait for Latleast 2 weelu before starting your IPL treatment.

  • IPL relies on the melanin in the hair to absorb the light. Ifyour hair color is too blonde, light red, or grey, IPL won't show results.
  • Some people may need more treatments to see results. Continue with one treatment per week and stay consistent until you see results. You can passover for a max number of 3 times over same area. Passes in an overlapping motion is recommended.
  • It is highly advised to Avoid hot showers and exercise 24 hours before and after your treatment for best results as it can increase blood flow to the damaged hair folicle and slow the results.
  • Avoid drinking and smoking 24 hours before and after treatment .
  • Avoid using ipl over any cuts, wounds and acne.
  • Avoid sweating during treatment for best results. Avoid deodorant and pleased use powder post 24 hours of treatment to avoid any skin irritation.


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